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Oct 23, 2012


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I've never commented here before, but I follow you on Twitter. I'm sorry to hear you're feeling this way. But thank you for spelling out WHAT you're feeling. I've had some of those feelings, too, and I've wondered what it meant. This definitely gives me something to think about. I hope you find your happy again soon. (And I hope your husband gets here soon, too.)


Glad you know you are not alone & that you have a support system. It's a hard, bumpy road..but worth it.


I'm so, so glad you're getting help. It's going to lift, I promise. The exercise will be a HUUUUUGE help. HUGE. And cut yourself some slack, you've had a lot of good things happen in recent months, but they're still very significant changes and you have to adapt to them. You recognized that things weren't right and you got help. That's awesome. You are a strong lady and you will feel better soon.



I feel like I could have written this. I've been a mess myself lately (starting to snap out of it now, I think!) and it's so easy to be hard on ourselves over it, isn't it? Thank you for sharing this with us. It's good for you and it's a great reminder to all of us who "sink" sometimes. I hate to hear that you've been in that difficult state of mind, but the plus side is how beautifully and openly you're handling it. You're so loved and I know you'll feel like your real self very soon. <3 Love you!


Everything about this is SO right and SUCH an excellent reminder. I'm sorry you're feeling rough right now and I'm sorry that it's been a bad few weeks. But I'm also thrilled that you can see the tiny light which reminds you that there is a blanket over you right now and it's OK and it HAPPENS and you'll be better again. I'm sending you all sorts of get-well-soon vibes and hoping that the exercise and RX will help you to feel happy and fun and like YOU again in just a few short weeks. xo


I'm so glad you were able to get help quickly. I remember the feeling of relief when I realized there was a fixable reason I was so overwhelmed, snappish, and tired. I hope you're back to normal soon.


I've been there, and it sucks, but you have a great support system, a doctor who listens to you, and a plan--this is a HUGE step. You can get back to feeling awesome, I know it.

Be easy on yourself--depression is a jerk, no matter how happy you think you SHOULD be, depression doesn't care, and it's not your doing or your fault. Be kind to yourself since depression isn't!


I adore the heck out of you, you know this, and I'm here whenever you need (and to drag you to ridiculous things that you might not want to go to at first, but you'll be laughing your socks off at by the end).

Except donuts that aren't donuts. Never again for that. :-)

I love you.

ant danielle

Thanks so much for sharing this...I think the more open we are about it, the easier it gets down the line. And it's important to share the signs, besides just feeling 'sad'. People don't realize that not wanting to do things, or weird sleeping patterns are signs of depression (and there are so many more!). I'm glad you're getting the help you need because you're so fabulous and your light must shine :)

Feel better, friend.


You are so brave and self aware to take action and get back into your groove! Awesome!

Sarah Anne

Thank you for sharing this, so openly, so honestly and so eloquently. I haven't been on medication in years (and have been thinking I might need to) but I remember so clearly breaking down in my Dr's office while being seen for my 3rd round of strep throat and the poor physician looking terrified at this poor, crying 22 year old girl. It helped though. I might need to do it again.

Good luck to you!


Thank you for sharing...i am on my sixth year of a clinical depression diagnosis, and it helps to know you aren't the only one going through it. You will feel beyer soon!


I think this time of year is SO hard. I am hearing this from many corners of the internet lately and I know I had my fair share of rough times right around now. Something about the dying of the light? I don't know, but I think it's common.
And I think it's also SO hard to have your husband so far away. I know it's just temporary but when your partner and your love is not with you, it's the pits. I am hoping you feel better soon, though. I am sending you hugs now and I will be giving you hugs in person in TWO WEEKS! Hang in there, lady, I am crazy about you and I hope you feel better soon.


I've been there, and taking the first step to get help is so, SO hard. Congratulations to you for reaching out to your friends, family and doctor. I really hope that you see some improvements soon, because feeling flat, numb, and snippy all the time is no way to be.


I have found exercise to be so incredibly helpful. It truly saves me. Good luck shaking the funk.

Le Moore

This is Kristie's mom. What wonderful supportive friends she has. Thank you all for caring so much. Like so many of you said, when you recognize the symptoms of depression please seek help. You don't have to go it alone.


Oh Kristie. I'm so behind in my blog reading. So behind! I'm sorry I didn't see this sooner.

You are the best, you are lovely and you deserve to be the happiest of happy. I'm so glad you are working on getting back to that.


Sensibly Sassy

Oh goodness, I am so behind on my reader. But my goodness, I am so happy/proud for you for #1 stepping out of the dark fog that depression can be and getting help and #2 sharing this experience with others. You are a fantastic woman and I can't wait till you feel back to your fabulous self. You have so many great things waiting for you when you on the other side. Hang in there honey :)

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